Tara Festival 26-28th August 2016

The Music of the stars is mine, and the melody o’the moon.

Oh do you not hear them singing to you in the silence of the night?

Covered with manifold trees and creepers, resounding with the sound of many birds,

And with murmur of waterfalls, thronged with wild beasts of many kinds;

Many species of flowers grow everywhere.”


We are initiating a grassroots EcoArts Commons Festival gathering on the grounds of health, community well being, conversation, yoga, veg food, music, talks, body and all kinds of Eco and Arts workshop, storytelling, poetry/book reading and more.

We invite you to join us at the grassroots TARA festival in beautiful rural East Galway – discusions on the commons, the Shannon Military free campaign, End the Direct Provision campaign, community activism etc

Taking place from Fri 26- Sun 28 August in Cahertinna, Loughrea..

In association with the local community, the Tara festival is a family friendly festival based on community resilience, environmental awareness, health and healing, art and culture, Love, compassion and bringing a bright future for our society and the generations to come.
come and eat, play, talk, sing and dance with friends old and new!

Art * Meditation * Music * Yoga * Discussion * Poetry * Dance * Dharma * Environmental talks * Mindfulness practices * Healing * Veg food * Storytelling * Body workshops * & all sorts

drug and alcohol free! Donation-based / contribute with service

This festival is grassroots, DIY style, so there is a lot of freedom for your input- if there is some skill / workshop you want to share or bring, please get in touch: tarafestivalserving@gmail.com

come and eat, play, talk, sing and dance with friends old and new!


For service and workshop offerings: tarafestivalserving@gmail.com

For Booking a place for the festival: tarafestivalbooking@gmail.com


Introduction of Tara Festival

The festival is grass root, organic growing so there is no one main organization. Everyone is!

The aim is to work together in harmony and joy.

The purposes of Tara Festival: 

  1. To create a healthy and friendly social environment free from

alcohol and drugs.

  1. To encourage creativity and multicultural interests.
  2. To strengthen and enrich community life.
  3. To bring environmental awareness into daily life.
  4. To eat, play, talk, sing and dance together with friends and meet new friends.