This Research Archive is part of an artists’ research-led initiative that took place in 2014/15, with an aim to contribute to the provision of specialist and contextual knowledge locally, and to discourse on contemporary cultural practice, with a particular emphasis on trans disciplinary, collaborative, participatory, social and politically engaged practices.

Our purpose was to establish this space as an on-line forum for knowledge cocreation and production, and as a participatory research platform, exploring creative strategies and the (changing) role of the artist/art in times of transition, both within and without the institution;

We are concerned with the questions raised about the role or potential of arts and activism, and of art itself as it engages with other disciplines and other modes of cultural production, from urbanism to environmentalism, from experimental education to participatory design, from community resilience to social change and to cultural transformation.

Island Culture Rising –

Agenda 21 Importance of Culture to Sustainable Development

City as Commons by Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione

David Bollier on The Promise of “Open Co-operativism”

Trebor Scholz on Platform Coops

Defining the Social Economy by John Restakis

Beyond the Fringe Realising the potential of social and solidarity Economy

Creative Commons Ireland

Power to the People is Community Energy the Way Forward; Irish Times Jan 2015

Berlin Sharing Economy A Glimpse of the Future; Irish Times Jan 2015

“Commons Sense: A Thinkery on the Commons”Commons Against and Beyond Capitalism May 2015 UCC Cork


Build the City: Perspectives on Commons and Culture

The Leap Manifesto – A Call for a Canada based on Caring for the Earth and Each Other

Aran Islands Could Be Carbon Neutral by 2022 – Irish Times Article

From Eco Art to Bio Political Struggle on the eve of COP21: E-flux

A wave of disruption is sweeping to challenge neoliberalism; The Guardian; March 2015

Slow Visibility – Fugitive Papers

Networks and the New Science of Sustainability


Merging Public Art and Experimental Education: Creative Times

After the Alternative is another Alternative: a Radicalization of the Artist – Run by James McAnally – Oct 26 2015

The New Mayor of Barcelona tells us her plans for a Radical City

Draft Galway City Local Economic and Social Development Plan 2015- 2025

Commons Transition; Bologna Celebrates one year of a Bold Experiment in Urban Commoning

Moneyless Manifesto – Mark Boyle


Convivialist Manifesto. A declaration of interdependence

Sacha Kagan: Cultures of Sustainability

David Bollier – The Commons as Template for Transformation

Seoidin O Sullivan – Seating System and

Patrick Bresnihan of Provisional University on ‘commoning’

Jeanne Van Heeswijk – Cooperative Cities Seminar

Culture21 Policy


Elinor Ostrom – 8 Principles for Managing A Commons

Art of Commoning – Facebook Page

David Bollier – 2014 Art of Hosting Montreal event

Farm Hack

Policy proposals for a Social Knowledge Economy

The Economy for the Common Good

Otto Scharmer – U Theory

Online hub; Transforming Business, Society, Self

The Possible in Being – Austria

Susanne Bosch

Art of Hosting

Cultivate – Community Resilience Programme

Cloughjordan Eco Village

Action Research Project with Helen Titchen Beeth & Ria Baeck

Garrett Hardin – The Tragedy of the Commons


Mason, Paul: Postcapitalism – the end of Capitalism has begun

Public Seminar -Think outside the Boss: Cooperative Alternatives to the Sharing Economy

Ambrosi, Alain: The Commons Has Come to Town

David Graeber – Give it Away

Davis, Eric W: The Gift – Mauss, Bataille, Hyde, and Derrida

Situationist International Online: Potlatch#1

What is to be done? On Chto Delat

Artway of Thinking – Co Creation Experiences

Graham-Harrison, Emma: Mixed Fortunes as Solidarity Economy takes Root in Greece, The Guardian July 17, ’15

Habermas, Jurgen Interview by Philip Oltermann, on the EU/ Greek Debt deal; The Guardian, July 16, 2015

Chomsky, Naom; Can We Do it ourselves?


McKenzie, Anna: Estonoesunsolar: Finding Opportunity in Emptiness in Zaragoza


Michele Bauwens – The Political Economy of Peer Production

The Transition will not be smooth sailing

Commons Transitions – Towards an Open Cooperativism

Professor Christian Iaione – Interview on the City as Commons

Bologna’s Regulation for the Care and Regeneration of Urban Commons

John Restakis – Open Everything Seminar Cloughjordan Oct. 2014 –  The challenges facing the Cooperative Movement

The Guardian: Urban commons have radical potential – it’s not just about community gardens

AAA R-Urban: Strategies Cultures of Resilience

What Makes A BioPolitical Place?

There is no Alternative! The future is self organised Part 1

There is no Alternative! The Future is self organised Part 2

Stephan Dillemuth, Anthony Davies, Jakob Jakobsen 2005

Murray Bookchin: Social Ecology versus Deep Ecology – A Challenge for the Ecology Movement


Bluedrum: When dreamers and activists co-create for community culture: Blueprint 2015-2019

Advancing Cultural Rights – Workshop Presentation May 26th

The Journal – The UN is reviewing Ireland’s Protection of Rights. How will we fare?

Niall O’Baoill – Cultural Cowardice

Katie Boyle – Economic Social and Cultural Rights in Ireland, why the constitution

Our Rights Our Voices – Report

Adorno – Culture Reconsidered

Homi Bhabba – The Location of Culture

Teddy Cruz – The Collective Imagination 

Bluedrum – comminique 2015

Bluedrum –  “Community Culture” A Five Year Strategy to Revalue, Renew and Reinvent Community Arts

How to work together: Andrea Phillips – interview with Emily Pethwick

Mark Fischer – Abandon Hope Summer is Coming

Wire – Election Reaction: Our Commons are Being Privatised


Revolution of the Snails Encounters with the Zapatistas – Rebecca Solnit

In Free Fall: A Thought Experiment on Vertical Perspective – Hito Steyerl

Collective Intelligence – An Essay by Fiona Woods for Ground Up Artist Collective

Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi

Reinventing the Soul – Mari Ruti

Berardi, Franco ‘Bifo’: Let’s cancel the name of Europe in Our Minds and Hearts

Confino, Jo: Guardian: Beyond Capitalism and Socialism


Politics of the 21st C – Reviving the Commons for the Benefit of All

Commons Against and Beyond Capitalism – George Caffentzis and Silvia Federici

Nomadic Universality – This Is Not Sparta This Is Salamis

Jacobin – Syriza On A Tightrope

Syriza Wins Time and Space – Etienne Balibar and Sandro Mezzadra

The Hope of the Democratic Monster – between Syriza and Podemos | Transversal Texts

David Harvey: On Syriza and Podemos



Ensayos – Research Initiative

Fire Station Artist Studios seminar Nov 2014 – ‘The intersection between Art and Politics’

John Molloy – “Wild Country: Art, Community and the Rural, commissioned by Bluedrum in 2009”

Kunstkritikk – is art a mere luxury good? by Georges Didi-Huberman, Giorgio Agamben, Pierre Alferi et al.

What We Want Is Free – Chp. 1 Reciprocal Generosity by Mary Jane Jacob

Bluedrum – Community Culture: A Five Year Strategy to revalue, renew, reinvent community arts

Féach: Look, Consider, Examine – Galway Artists’ Proposal for the development of a Purpose built Visual Art Venue for Galway 2010


David Harvey – Right to the City

Rosie Webb – The Alternative Governance Lab

CKI, GCCF, GALCA – Creative Communities 2013

The Creative Time Summit Reader 2014


Jacques Ranciere – The Emancipated Spectator

Stephen Wright – Towards a Lexicon of Usership

Field – A Journal of Socially Engaged Art Criticism

Paul O Neill & Claire Doherty – Locating the Producers

Jeanne Van Heeswijk – The Blue House


Tania BrugueraPolitical Art Transforms the Audience into Citizens & Reflections on Arte Util (Useful Art)

Museum Arte Util – Archive of Arte Util

Interview with Joanna Warsza, Manifesta 10 Public Exhibitions Curator

Chantal Mouffe – Artistic Activism & Agonistic Spaces


Maria Lind – The Collaborative Turn, Taking the Matter into Common Hands

Seoidin O Sullivan – Seating System Article in Fugitive Papers 2013 No. 5

Monica Flynn – The Cafe Series

The Militant Research HandBook


Claire Bishop – Radical Museology

Grizedale Arts – Office of Useful Art

Grizedale Arts – Creative Ergremont – A Public Art Strategy

Situations – Claire Doherty


Chantal Mouffe – The Future Of Democracy

Vagabond Reviews


Humberto VélezEVA project: The Underdog

Emelie Chhangar on Humberto Vélez: Aesthetics of Collaboration

Limerick City of Culture documentation on You Tube: The Underdog Project

Anthony Downey – An Ethics of Engagement: Collaborative Art Practices and the Return of the Ethnographer

Third Text – Critique of Relational Aesthetic: Stewart Martin

Claire Bishop – Review in Dark Matter of Artificial Hells; Delegated Performance

Liam Gillick: A Response to Claire Bishop’s “Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics”


Stephen WrightAs this Conversation Develops how is Traditional Art Affected?

Gregory SholetteSome Call it Art – From Imaginary Autonomy to Autonomus Collectivity – Agitationism

Bassam El BaroniThree Tenses of the Contemporary – VAI Newsheet

Narratives of Edification: Art through the Prism of Unconcluded Uprisings


Kim Charney – Dissensus and the Politics of Collaborative Practice

Irish Times – President Launches Year Long Debate on Ethics and Society

BluedrumCity (Re) Searches

Bluedrum video – What is Community Art?

City (Re) Searches Pamphlet: Mary Jane Jacobs – The Purpose of Cultural Agency

Rhyzom – Trans-Local-Act Book 2010

Alfredo Jaar


National Campaign for the ArtsCultural Minister for Scotland Fiona Hyslop

National Campaign for the Arts – Research Strategy

National Campaign for the Arts – Arts in Education Charter

Chto DelatThe School of Engaged Art linked to Anton Vidokle – Exhibition as School in a Divided City

Frances WhitheadThe Embedded Artist Project What do Artists Know? 2006

Deirdre O Mahony

2013 – 2014


Jeanne Van HeeswijkThe Artist will have to Decide Whom to Serve

Martha RoslerThe Artistic Mode of Revolution

Gregory SholetteA Proposal for Developing the Visual Arts in County Galway 2002

Claire BishopThe Social Turn – Collaboration and Its Discontents 2006

Grant Kester – Collaborative Art and the Limits of Criticism 2013

Chantal Mouffe – Which Public Space for Critical Artistic Practices, Cork Caucus 2005

A Conversation with Michael Hardt on The Politics of Love

Research Collective 2013/14

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