Amantine Dahan

Amantine Dahan is a visual artist with an MFA (NCAD) and holds an honours degree in Art & Design in Sculpture (GMIT). Since graduating in 2007 Amantine has worked primarily with lens based media, documentary photography, video installations, and video performance. In her work, she attempts to explore the relationship with oneself and others; How one comes to himself in relation to the world as one’s sense of self is the element in which I, You, We, take place. Emmanuelle Levinas poses the relation between oneself and other as alterity and otherness, exposing the pathos of an essential incommunicability. I am interested in the overlap of these two apparently opposite strands of thought referencing ethical, historical and social contexts and how they correlate. Recordings and texts have been the bridge to her socially engaged practice, she has been part of ‘Burning Bright’ since the beginning of the project. She has had much experience as a workshop facilitator having worked in many resource centers in Galway, primary and secondary schools and in the Galway Art Center. Lately, she has developed this module “The Stitch” using embroidery, textiles and story telling.