Social PermaCulture and Regenerative Practices – Creative Workshops

Permaculture Course Nov 2019

Join us for this exciting opportunity to learn more about permaculture and regenerative arts and cultural practices with TSG and special guests as part of our ongoing ‘Permaculture in the City’ ecoarts project curated by Martina Finn.
This training is funded by GRETB as part of our ongoing Permaculture and Sustainable /Mindful Living Training programme. 

Permaculture is a holistic design system based on living systems, and the ethics and principles mimicked and understood from being in and observing nature, proposing transformative regenerative and restorative practices for the health and wellbeing of our planet, our communities and ourselves. Permaculture is a practical method of holistically designing systems, both material and social, that are ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive.

During the course you will find out more about, living systems theory, the social permaculture ethics of People Care, Planet Care & Fair Share, the design principles and the 7 concepts of holistic living behind Holmgrens Permaculture Flower and how they can be applied in nature, in a garden, in our communities and in the wider possibilities for our everyday lives, sharing and exploring transformative social and regenerative practices and examples of their practical application, personal, interpersonal and political.

‘A ‘regenerative’ approach goes beyond sustainability to explore how we can organise in ways that actually renew or revitalize our own resources and those of our groups – this can help us stay inspired, nourished, & more creative in our tactical approach.’ The Ulex Project

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Our Permaculture and Work that Reconnects Facilitators are, guest tutor Anna Swisher, M.A. (CA Institute of Integral Studies,) and  project coordinator Martina Finn, M. A. and artist Roisin Ni Faoilin, both Co-founders of Galway’s ‘Permaculture in the City’ escorts project.

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Every Monday evening

November –  4th. 11th, 18th, 25th  

From 6.15 – 8.30pm 


The Granary Centre, 48 Dominic St, Galway 


Supporting the Gift Economy

Sliding Scale / Donation based 

There are a number of GRETB funded low incomes / unwaged places

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We will provide tea, coffee and some fruit, however additions (e.g. home baking, more fruit) are always welcome!


Permaculture is a holistic design system for sustainable living, creating systems for minimum effort and maximum effect, recognising and honouring the interconnectedness of all, as part of the web and community of life, that are ecologically harmonious and productive.
The world of permaculture aims to create systems to regenerate through processes that restore, renew or revitalize their own sources of energy and materials, for both people and planet.

These introductory aspects are part of the first module of the full design course and gives and introduction to the basic grounding in Permaculture, with an emphasis on Social Permaculture and Regenerative practices, and how they can be applied to addressing the climate, cultural and ecological crisis, from how we grow our food, act as stewards and guardians to our land and neighborhoods, live cooperatively in harmony – with nature, in relationship, within community and everyday life. We explore an integral approach – combining personal, inter-personal and political transformation.

It includes an overview of topics that are covered in more detail during full PDC and WTR trainings.


What is Permaculture… Incl Social Permaculture?
What is Regenerative Culture and regenerative practice?
Active Hope & The Work that Reconnects
The Permaculture Ethics
Mollison’s Permaculture Principles
Holmgrens Permaculture Flower
Designing with permaculture
Living Systems Theory and more

Who We Are:

Anna Swisher – is a community activist, ecopsychologist, conscious dance teacher, permaculturist, youth mentor and Work That Reconnects facilitator. She holds an M.A. in East-West Psychology, and is trained in Ecotherapy and Wilderness Questing, Permaculture, the Work That Reconnects, Indigenous traditions, cultural mentoring, Living Systems theory, Yoga Therapy, JourneyDance™, and Mindfulness Education. She has 10 years of experience facilitating nature-based counseling and mentoring, community activism workshops, wilderness/vision quests and rites of passage, yoga, conscious dance, meditation, and earth-based ritual. She also specializes in working with teenagers.

Third Space Galway is a grassroots, eco-arts collective, acting as a regenerative community space for critical reflection, creative practice, education and collective action. 

Our current objective is to foster and cultivate a deeper awareness of the role of (perma) Culture and creatively responding to change, addressing the climate, cultural and ecological crisis, by incorporating  transformative, regenerative and sustainable living practices in all aspects of contemporary life. 

Acting as a creative platform for action research, participative and socially engaged practices, our aims are to propose transformative responses to climate change, ecological collapse, biodiversity loss, community resilience, mindful living and facilitate collective action. 

Our ‘Permaculture in the City’ ecoarts project is devoted to the exploration of ecologically sound human habitation and serves as demonstration, education and conversation points for participants and visitors, providing both ongoing a programme of social permaculture activities and events, education workshops and creative conversations, alongside tired and tested models of regenerative agricultural and ecologically sound practices of food production in the urban context, boosting availability of local fresh organic produce and city wide ecological corridors of biodiverse rich habitats.

“I believe that at the core of the cultural shift that will lead to the emergence of regenerative cultures everywhere is the realization that we are a process of relating in ‘delicate reciprocity’ with a living planet, and that our individual and collective success depend on the health of the whole and the community of life.” Buckminster Fuller

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