LandUse Management Talk Series 2021 – delivered by Feidhlím Harty in partnership with Galway County Public Participation Network

Course Content:

Féidhlim Harty is a writer and director of an environmental consultancy company, FH Wetland Systems specialising in reed bed system design and other eco-friendly sewage options. He is author of three other titles, including Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds ; a how-to manual for DIY reed beds and constructed wetland systems. FH Wetland Systems was established in 1996 to offer a design and consultancy service for constructed wetlands and other ecofriendly wastewater treatment options. Since that time they have broadened their brief to encompass a range of solutions for wastewater treatment, waterway rewilding and ecosystem repair. Our services include consultancy and design, teaching and workshops, plant supply and management guidance.

Browse their website, Wetland Systems for further resources and information on how we can help you with water quality protection, climate resilience, carbon sequestration, biodiversity enhancement and restoration, rewilding and permaculture.

As we increasingly recognise the role of our species and society in shaping our landscapes, we see the impacts of past decisions on the ecosystems and other species with whom we share this beautiful planet. We know at a deep level that simply sustaining our current cultural norms is no longer desirable. Thus we need to look beyond sustainability (simply not dying) and towards regenerative solutions in every area of our lives and culture. The solutions offered on this website are among the best regenerative tools and techniques for addressing water and waterway management, as well as farm-scale and catchment scale solutions for cultivating a world that works with nature rather than against.