Creative Time Summit 2014

Friday 14 November 1.30-5.35pm

Third Space hosts a Live Stream of the Creative Time Summit 2014

Hardiman Research Building, NUI Galway

Last year the Creative Time Summit focused on questions of gentrification and the role of the arts, both good and bad, in the making of the new city. This year the summit will focus on expanded public practice, investigating uses and potentialities of art in the public sphere, with a focus on practices with social and political implications. The Summit wishes to discuss the role that artists can play in producing more equitable and thoughtful responses to current day crisis and conditions and how these challenges are met by artists through re-imagining the public realm. this year takes place in Stockholm and asks: ‘Who is art in the public sphere for and what is it supposed to do? How does art produce debate, contribute to a sense of the civic, or perhaps, more cynically, merely perpetuate the status quo?’

Summit Stockholm will bring together artists who perform new interpretations of the city, reclaiming and reformulating the ways we interact and experience each other and the built environment.

Stop by during the afternoon and learn more about new developments and cultural practitioners and thinkers to the fore in this field of practice and be part of the global dialogue on some of the most pressing issues of our time.


The city operates not just as backdrop to public art but also as inspiration and a site and stage for opposition. While some artists enjoy what is possible in the city, others produce new lenses to understand its possibilities. The relation between artist and city is often performative–and like the city, these expressions range from grandiose to quietly intimate.

  • Andrea Phillips (moderator)
  • Myriam Lefkowitz
  • Nástio Mosquito
  • Núria Güell
  • Poste Restante
  • Jeremy Deller in conversation with Nato Thompson

3:05 – 3.45 PM – Local Discussion


As part of the CREATIVE TIME SUMMIT screening, THIRD SPACE ARTS COLLECTIVE hosts Local Discussion on the Galway City Council Architects Office’s “Designing with Communities” architectural project in Woodquay and Dance Artist BERNIE DIVILLY’s project “Walking Wisdom Woodquay”

Local Discussions included a research paper by Galway City Council Architect Rosie Webb, The Governmental Lab, and an overview of the Galway City Council Architects Office’s ground-breaking Designing with Communities architectural project in Woodquay undertaken in collaboration with the Architect Students from SAUL, the School of Architecture at University of Limerick. Together they presented the exhibition ‘Imaginative Neighborhood Woodquay’ a display of design proposals for interim use projects in Woodquay resulting from the collaborative design week which focused on the questions ‘Have we lost the use of our streets a community resource? Can we imagine them differently?

Choreographer and dance movement artist Bernadette Divilly presented on her Public Engaged project ‘Walking Wisdom Woodquay’ as part of this Participatory Design project

3.45 – 4.00pm Coffee Break


Public art today includes projects that strive to activate the civic beyond the level of aesthetics. These artists deploy forms of engagement that enliven and contest what is possible in the commons. These practices offer an alternative to formal modes of art production and a new sense of the role of culture in the composition of the urban landscape.

  • Magdalena Malm (moderator)
  • Nina Möntmann
  • Roberta Uno
  • Joanna Warsza
  • Maria Lind, Tensta Konsthall
  • Bettina Pehrsson, Marabouparken
  • Work Group Representing Konsthall C
  • Miriam Andersson Blecher, Botkyrka Konsthall

5.25 – 5:30PM CLOSING REMARKS Nato Thompson

Learn more about the summit here:

Creative Time is a New York based public art agency committed to supporting socially and politically engaged art. Now in its sixth year, the annual Creative Time Summit is a key conference globally, exploring the diverse ways in which artists are tackling social and political issues, platforming voices from arts and activism and highlighting diverse strategies for social change. This year the summit is convening in Europe for the first time. Creative Time have partnered with Public Art Agency Sweden to co-develop a packed two day programme.

Summit: Stockholm will focus on innovative practices that relate to five core themes: Nationalisms, Performing the City, Activating Public Space, Art in the Age of Surveillance, and Migrations –

This year’s summit includes keynote addresses from Edi Rama (Prime Minister of Albania) and Saskia Sassen (Professor of Sociology at Columbia University) and live-streamed presentations from leading artists, activists, curators and critics from around the world including:

  • Tania Bruguera
  • Jeremy Deller
  • Maria Lind
  • Amar Kanwar
  • Joanna Warza
  • Dora Garcia
  • Tone Olaf Nielson
  • Nastio Mosquito