Post Carbon Galway

Post Carbon Galway

Post Carbon Galway is a recently established transsectoral platform set up to accelerate a local pathway to a sustainable, healthier, low carbon Galway.

We aim to work collaboratively in setting ambitious and achievable targets to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, diversion from fossil fuels, community health and well being and to promote sustainable development in Galway City and County.

Leading the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable way of life, the collaboration is an all-inclusive partnership approach, which provides information and analysis on climate change, energy scarcity, environmental protection, food sovereignty and other issues related to sustainability and long term community resilience, as a model and national template for communities elsewhere.

This project proposes a cooperative approach to the development to a low carbon era for Galway learning to live and enjoy life without compromising future generations. While Climate Change is seen as the main focus, we recognise the plans and solutions proposed need to be cognisant of the wider picture on biodiversity, growth versus sustainable economy and human and community well being, that would enable a sustained, citizen-led engagement.

We aim to work on new ways to educate and inspire our communities about how we can collectively respond to these challenges and re-imagine our world; through arts, culture, education, community resilience, green energy, local food production, eco tourism, community participation, co-operatives and sustainable living.