Katherine Waugh

Katherine Waugh is a curator, writer and filmmaker based in Galway.

She is currently co- curating Schizo- Culture – Cracks in the Streets at Space Studios, London. A project taking the seminal 1975 event Schizo-Culture: On Prisons and Madness as its point of departure. She co-directed The Art of Time, a film on the complex temporalities in contemporary art, film and architecture, which has shown internationally in galleries and Film Festivals in New York, Paris, London and most recently in IMMA and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane as part of Sleepwalkers. She is a founding director of the experimental film festival Different Directions Film Festival in Galway.

In 2012 she curated and moderated a symposium for the AV International Arts Festival in Newcastle based on its theme As Slow As Possible (after John Cage) and programmed a series of films for IMMA where she also gave a talk on Time in Contemporary Art and Film. She has written essays for artists’ books and catalogues nationally and internationally, and a recent film installation project – A Laboratory of Perpetual Flux – was shown as part of eva International curated by Annie Fletcher. She has recently completed her curatorial research with Goldsmiths College London.