Jellybot Launch and ISSA Seed Swop

Galway Food Festival opens on Mar 29th from 3.30 to 6pm

in Westside Youth Project


Jellybot Art Project Launch,

by Finbar 247 and Third Space Galway at 3.30pm

ISSA Seed swap, DIY seed pots and seed bombs,

talk by Irish Seed Savers Association at 4.30pm

with locally produced food by The Bean Tree

Venue: Westside Youth Project, Corrach Buí Centre and Edible Forest Garden, Westside Amenity Park

Jellybot Launch:

Youth Work Ireland’s Westside Youth Project has begun to look at food growing as a way to help young people connect with the planet and themselves. With the help of Finbar247 and Martina Finn of Third Space Galway Arts Collective, 10-12 year olds created both a sculpture from “foraged” and “local” rubbish as well as a hügelkultur, a densely packed pile of organic material which will sustain the plants growing on it for many years to come.

Today the sculpture, dubbed the Jellybot, settles into her new home as we install her into the hügelkultur, where she will be surrounded in future by a lush array of edible plants.

Hospitality provided by The Bean Tree 3.30pm

Seed swap: It’s that time of year again where we are all beginning to plan our gardens for the year ahead: where to plant the veg, and where the flowers?

Third Space Galway and Westside Youth Project are delighted to cohost a local Seed Swop with the acclaimed Irish Seed Savers Association.

So many questions arise for people in their gardens at this time of year.. What did I plant there last year? What will I plant there this year? ..

Every year Irish Seed Savers Association acknowledges the growing season by hosting a seed share day in their gardens in Co. Clare. We’re delighted that this year as part of Galway Food Festival events, and their new Seed Sovereignty Project,  the ISSA will host a Seed Swap in Westside, and give a short talk on seed saving by Wayne

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to experience the richness and abundance of seed saving and swapping. If you have any spare seeds, bring them along for everyone to share; it doesn’t matter what type of seeds they are, as long as they are organic. You may arrive with some spare lettuce seed, but end up going home with some rare emerald apple tomato seeds from Russia! And Don’t be surprised if you go home with more seeds than when you arrived.

DIY Seed pots and seed bombs: As part of this event Third Space Galway members will also cohost a seed planting event with a DIY component: make your compostable seed pot from old newspapers and other biodegradable and compostable materials, and when your seeds sprout you can plant these straight into the ground.

Contact Kerry E’lyn on 087 937 1619 for more information.

Tour, talk, and workshop
Edible Forest Garden (Westside Track)

Forest gardening is growing in recognition for its low-maintenance sustainable plant-based food production and agroforestry system based on woodland ecosystems. The Westside Forest Garden was planted in 2017 as part of an art and climate change action by Third Space Galway, in partnership with the Westside Community, Westside Youth Project and Conservation Volunteers Galway.

It consists of a large number of native trees, a variety of fruit trees, soft fruit bushes, and edible shrubs, alongside many perennial and annual edibles and medicinal herbs. The project aims to highlight how we can feed ourselves and live more sustainably using restorative agroecology and regenerative ecological design practices, that reflect the interconnectedness between our lives and our food systems, and collective community and cultural action.

We are delighted to be joined by members of the Bean Tree team, renown for their ‘madras pea and potato curry’ .. as part of today’s Potato and Pea planting workshop… St Patrick’s Day is the traditional indication in Ireland that it’s time to sow your potatoes.. Third Space Galway are delighted to host a planting workshop, sharing both local food heritage stories and regenerative agricultural practices.
Forest Garden & Permaculture Designer Istvan Markuly will join us and offer a fruit tree pruning and plant care workshop.

Learn how we can live more sustainably, grow food in harmony with nature and strengthen the resilience of our communities using permaculture designs, and thereby increasing awareness and improving access to local organic food and sustainable community systems

Urban agriculture is increasingly seen as vital to the future of our cities and towns as our urban populations grow rapidly, with 60% of the Irish population currently living in cities and set to increase, while 80% of the world’s population are expected to live in Cities by 2050.

This fact, together with calls for a more ecological and sustainable lifestyle. Highlights how important urban farming is becoming in terms of its contribution to the economy and food availability; localized food production becomes more and more of a necessity, as does the need to reduce waste product and harvest energy from renewable sources.
However, just 1% of crops in Ireland are certified organic, we need to create greater awareness about food production, and help people make healthy food choices, choices that support health, the environment, and community and farming livelihoods

Growing food as close as possible to where it’s consumed is a simple but key solution in creating a healthier, more sustainable future, minimizing the need for transport and refrigeration, while playing a key role in educating people about eating locally and seasonally. From growing herbs in pots, to more ambitious horticultural pursuits, urban farming is revitalizing not just food supply chains and disused areas, but also a greater sense of community spirit, cocreating a greener city, while putting neglected and underutilized spaces to great use.

Urban agriculture can tackle food poverty, maximise health and wellness, and empower communities and citizens.

People often don’t know what’s in the food we eat, how it’s produced, who produces it, or where it comes from…. For Galway Food Festival 2018 we are showcasing the Westside area’s emerging food growing culture. A number of new and exciting community food initiatives have developed or sprung up in the last few years, including the Third Space Galway’s Demonstration Edible Forest Garden, the Westside Community Garden, a hügelkultur initiative beside the Westside Youth Project and the Shantalla Allotments.

On Thursday 29th March, an invitation is extended to our local communities and visitors to nourish, nurture, and connect to these projects generating local, fresh, organically and sustainably grown food in Westside. Bring your friends and family and enjoy a visit to all our events and to the food growing projects of the Westside.


The Bean Tree is a family-owned and -run vegetarian food company, with most of our food also vegan and gluten-free. There are four people involved, two younger and two older, though not all four are always active in the business. We started selling our madras pea and potato curry in St Nicholas Market in 1996 along with chapattis and stuffed chapattis.

Third Space Galway (est. 2013) is a participatory arts research project, with aims to bridge strands of contemporary creative practice with the socio-cultural ecology in which it operates, working towards a more equitable and sustainable future, through a trans-local and trans-disciplinary exchange of ideas and creative working methodologies.

Its art functions to promote a generative discourse, furthering conversations around regenerative cultural practices, bioregionism and climate change. It’s collaborative productions include creating interdisciplinary platforms for participatory discursive events and activist arts and environmental interventions in public space.recent projects included the establishment of the Galway Canal Permaculture Trail as well as Galway’s demonstration Edible Forest Garden in Westside, alongside ongoing arts and environmental projects with the Westside Youth Project

Westside Youth Project works with young people, in the 10 to 21 age group, from all the estates that comprise the Westside area of Galway City. The project supports young people in their social, personal and educational development through a variety of activities and programmes and through positive engagement with the community.

Finbar247 is one of Ireland’s most vibrant visual artists to use outdoor spaces as a showcase for the arts and personal expression. He first began painting graffiti in 2002. After studying Visual Communications at the Limerick School of Art & Design, he took off around Europe in a camper van with a Mathematician and an Engineer. Working with street artists and buskers ignited his passion for public art. His mission is to take the old, unloved walls and spaces of the city and turn them into pieces of art for the general public to enjoy.

The Irish Seed Savers Association maintains the country’s public seed bank with over 600 non-commercially available varieties of seed. They conserve and grow heritage apple trees and other fruit tree varieties. ISSA main objective is to conserve Ireland’s very special and threatened plant genetic resources. Their work focuses on the preservation of heirloom and heritage food crop varieties that are suitable for Ireland’s unique growing conditions.
And this year they launch their new Seed Sovereignty initiative in partnership with Gaia Foundation International.

Westside Resource Centre is a community-based organisation which provides fully serviced offices to a variety of services and local branches of national organisations. It supports community work in the local area and is involved with community initiatives such as Westside Arts Festival, Westside Christmas Market, Social Inclusion Week and Culture Night. The centre has a range of meeting rooms available for hire by community, voluntary and support groups and serves as a base for a number of local community groups such as Westside Community Patchers, Westside Men’s Club, Westside Craft Group and Westside Community Organic Garden.

Westside Community Garden was set up in 2011 with the help of Westside Resource Centre, the VEC, HSE and the local council who gave the site. It has gone from strength to strength. Volunteers are always welcome in Westside Community Garden.

JP MacMahon is (food fest ppl can fill in)

Istvan Markuly is an agroforestry and Permaculture designer and educator based in West Cork. He’s cofounder of the West Cork Permaculture Initiative and an active contributor to numerous Permaculture and Agroforestry projects locally, nationally and internationally, including the Westside Edible Demo Forest Garden.